Transform your company into a sustainable organisation

Measure and improve the environmental footprint of your products with Trazable LifeCycle
Reduce your environmental footprint

An essential tool for companies and organisations interested in assessing and improving their environmental footprint.

Support for sustainable decision-making

Helping to make informed choices to move towards sustainable production and consumption

Identifying opportunities for improvement

Contributes to the protection of the environment, by identifying opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of products and processes


What is Trazable LifeCycle?

Trazable LifeCycle is an essential tool for companies and organisations that want to assess and improve their environmental footprint, make informed decisions and move towards sustainable production and consumption.

It helps to identify opportunities to reduce the environmental impact throughout the life cycle of a product and contribute to environmental protection.

EU boosts corporate sustainability

The EU promotes sustainable practices through regulations that oblige companies to adapt, innovate their processes and achieve carbon neutrality.

An essential strategy

Sustainability and compliance with ethical and environmental expectations are essential for businesses today, strengthening their competitiveness in a world focused on sustainability.

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How does Trazable Lifecycle work?

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