Control your supply chain wherever and whenever you want

Optimise processes and focus on what really matters by eliminating issues regarding the space and time constraints of paper records thanks to Trazable, your cloud-based traceability platform.

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Improve the management of your quality department

Digitises and automates routine processes, saves time and avoids data entry errors.
Digitisation of records

Digitise your processes for higher productivity.

Incident automation

Reduce your response time to incidents and boost customer confidence.

Document manager

All documentation associated with a product is just one click away. No more hours spent searching through lengthy threads.

Task management

Add users and create task flows to ensure that all registrations are completed in a timely manner.

Automated reports

Generate any reports you need automatically.

KPIs panel

Keep track of all production centres in real time thanks to a single tool.

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Case study

A medium-sized food processing company, which is starting the digital transformation process, usually spends 1 half-day on filling in internal reports, and an average of around 2h/day communicating and managing incidents and irregular activity. This amounts to a total of 55h/week spent on administrative tasks. Per year, the total amounts to +2,000h/centre.

Using the following functionalities of the Traceable tool:

  • Automation of the incident management process.
  • Digitisation of records management.
  • Computerised reporting

By using Trazable, they have managed to reduce this time from hours to seconds, boosting internal efficiency and the confidence they transmit to their customers. This has allowed them to strengthen their business relationships and thus differentiate themselves from other competitors.

Annual savings
+ 700 h/centre
Implementation time
< 1 month
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Implement the best quality control system

Optimise traceability, authenticity and safety systems in your food chain with Trazable. Leave us your details and start the change.

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