Control and optimise your end-to-end supply chain

Our intelligent software with Blockchain technology guarantees the quality and food safety of your products, reduces errors within the production chain, saves companies more than 700 hours per year and boosts the confidence of consumers. This is a traceability solution your company needs.


Why use Trazable?

Trazable is the first quality management software that also offers a complete view of the supply chain.

Increase trust in your brand

Thanks to the field-to-table traceability of your products and the transparency you can offer.

Guarantee food security

View your entire supply chain and manage any issues within seconds.

Improve the efficiency of your supply chain

Analyse in real time what is happening, all while digitising and optimising processes.

Minimise production costs

Due to more efficient control methods, you can avoid failure and food waste.

Strengthen your brand’s reputation

All traceability data is verified with blockchain, giving irrefutable proof of the quality of your products.

A service backed by certifications

Comply with the requirements administrations are demanding.

It is time.Take control of your supply chain from today.

Cinco Tenedores

“With Trazable I can rest assured that if I need information, I can access the history of any batch in seconds, both my own and that of the other suppliers. All the information is connected in the cloud and is accessible whenever I need it.“

Joaquín MartínezQuality Manager, Cinco Tenedores

Embutidos Martinez
Cycle Beef

Implement the best quality control system

Optimise traceability, authenticity and safety systems in your food chain with Trazable. Leave us your details and start the change.