Boost the trust of your costumers

With Trazable you can easily share your products’ history in a transparent method. This offers your customers the reassurance of knowing that your food is safe and secure.

transparencia en la industria alimentaria

The easiest way to be transparent

Automatically generate QR codes to let your consumers know the history of each of your products.

Control the life cycle of a product within your company or throughout the whole chain.

Consumer QR code

Share information transparently with your consumers.

Blockchain certification

We use disruptive technologies such as blockchain to ensure transparency of information.

Case study

Cycle beef is an Argentinean company that has commercial agreements with livestock farmers in the Pampa Húmeda. A sub-region of 600,000 km² of grassland ideal for cattle breeding. The livestock is reared free-range in a privileged environment. This also helps to conserve the flora and fauna of the region.

Its aim is therefore to transform all those efforts to create a quality product that helps to preserve the environment.

Thanks to Trazable, they now have a powerful traceability tool that makes it easier for them to export their product. They can also share information as a company to their consumers, thanks to our QR codes.

Products traced
Implementation time
< 1 week
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Implement the best quality control system

Optimise traceability, authenticity and safety systems in your food chain with Trazable. Leave us your details and start the change.

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