Traceability: at the core of controlling food quality and safety

Traceability records are still largely paper-based. This can be time consuming and risky. However, with Trazable you can trace contaminated food back to its source within a matter of seconds, speeding up your potential response to an alert and giving your customers confidence in your services.

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In-house traceability or traceability from field to fork, you decide

Our tool can help manage internal traceability and even connect that data with data from other places to get a total view of the supply chain.

Control the life cycle of a product within your company or throughout the whole chain.

Control stock

Keep track of stock to make sure you always have enough on hand.

Document management

All documentation associated with a product is just a click away. No need to spend hours searching.

Automatic reports

Generate any reports you need automatically.

KPIs panel

Keep track of all production sites in real time thanks to a single tool.

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Case study

Verdeo is a company that manufactures vegetable fats. With the aim of gaining market share it decided to use our traceability platform to be able to give greater assurances to its customers.

Before using our tool, Verdeo used to spend more than 4 hours responding to its customers when there was an incident or if customers simply required information about the batches of product that it supplied.

By using Trazable, they have managed to reduce this time from hours to seconds, thus not only boosting efficiency but also the confidence they transmit to their customers. This has allowed them to strengthen their business relationships and thus differentiate themselves from other competitors.

Time spent on traceability exercise
< 1 minute
Implementation time
< 1 week
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Implement the best quality control system

Optimise traceability, authenticity and safety systems in your food chain with Trazable. Leave us your details and start the change.

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