Trazable team

The team: our biggest asset

At Trazable we want to help companies create better products for their customers and society.

Our vision

In everything we do, we believe that food safety, quality and transparency is at the heart of good services.

On the other hand, we see a significant change in society undoubtedly marked by digitalisation and immediate access to information.

In addition, the unprecedented situation resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the process of digitalisation.

At Trazable we want to be part of this transformation, by providing food companies with digital tools that help them to guarantee the quality and safety of their products as well as to satisfy the new requirements of their customers.

Why choose Trazable?

360º control

Our tool is focused on helping quality departments manage and improve their day-to-day work.

10/10 Service & Commitment

We are committed to our clients' objectives and we put in 100% to guarantee results.

+25 years experience

Our team includes quality and food safety professionals with extensive experience in auditing and implementing quality systems.


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Meet our team

These are the people behind Trazable. All focused on providing maximum value to the client and consumer.

  • Pablo Rodrigo

    Co-Founder / CEO

  • Lucas Salinas

    Co-Founder / CTO

  • Mario Araque


  • Pablo Gijón

    Fullstack Developer

  • Fran Giménez

    Blockchain & Backend Engineer

  • Eloy Dominguez

    Sales development representative

  • Sebastián Arias

    Sales development representative

  • Clara Pascual

    Product Designer

  • Carla Barreiro

    Product Manager

  • Melissa Grosso

    Community Manager

  • María Sanchis

    Marketing development representative

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