The first AI virtual assistant specialised in the food industry

The tool that will facilitate your daily work in the quality department of a food company

Trazable Copilot - The first food industry AI assistant | Product Hunt

What is Trazable Copilot?

Trazable Copilot is a real-time communication tool designed to provide accurate assistance to quality departments in the food industry. This chatbot resolves queries, offers guidance and provides up-to-date regulatory information, helping teams to effectively comply with food legislation requirements.

How can Trazable Copilot help me?

Unlimited and completely free consultations

Resolve any questions related to regulations in the food industry.

Consult on regulations: IFS and European regulations

Optimise your daily routine and save time by simplifying your operational tasks.

Drafting documentation in seconds: HACCP, evaluation questionnaires, procedures, etc.

Get 100% reliable information

Don't take our word for it

Irene Ruiz Villar

Head of Quality and
Food Safety at Oleander Bio

“My experience with Trazable Copilot has been amazing. In fact, I haven’t stopped using it since I tried it. It simplifies operational tasks for me and this saves me a lot of time in my day.
The fact that it specialises in quality management makes its answers very specific and accurate.”

Eva Nuñéz

Head of Food Development at OCA Global

“Trazable is still committed to applying technology and digitalisation in a way that impacts the day-to-day life of the industry. An innovative and, above all, useful idea, whose beta version shows incredible potential.”


If you have any further questions about how Trazable Copilot works, you can always contact us!

[email protected]

The virtual assistant is educated with the latest IFS and European food regulations.

No, no payment method is required to use Trazable Copilot, only registration with your corporate email address.

No, you can make as many queries to Trazable Copilot as you need in your day.

Trazable Copilot is a free tool provided by Trazable to facilitate the day-to-day work of professionals in the food quality sector.

Trazable Copilot - The first food industry AI assistant | Product Hunt

Your day-to-day made easier with Trazable Copilot

Register and discover all its benefits. For more information about Trazable visit:

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