#1 Quality management software


Reduces operating costs by eliminating manual processes

Increased efficiency through automation of quality tasks

Avoid fines and penalties for non-compliance with regulations

Improve your company's reputation

Enables decision making with real information

Always have audits ready

One-click supplier compliance

  • Centralise the approval process in one tool so that the whole team is up to date.
  • Track the status of the compliance of each supplier

Forget about outdated documentation

  • Trazable notifies you when a document is about to expire.
  • With one click, all pending documents to be updated will be requested from suppliers.

Multiply productivity

  • Forget about the daily management of repetitive tasks. Automation allows you to create multiple tasks in one click associated with batches or receipt of raw materials.
  • Form customisation allows you to create forms to parameterise each departmental action. Moreover, you can easily duplicate them.
  • The flow of validation or revision of tasks will facilitate the day-to-day running of the company.

Case Study

Camar Agroalimentaria has increased its sales by accessing new distributors whose requirements include blockchain traceability and transparency.

Their customers demanded agility in the event of a possible incident or request for information on batches.

With Trazable they have reduced this time from hours to seconds, the confidence they transmit to their customers has allowed them to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Time spent on traceability exercise
< 1 minute
Implementation time
< 1 week


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