The wine label that offers the transparency your consumers demand

Create electronic labels via QR with all your product information while ensuring compliance with legal regulations

Give your customers the information they need

Nutritional information and ingredients

We provide you with all the necessary fields to comply with the legal requirements of the EU labeling regulations.


Control the life cycle of your product in your company or along the whole chain

QR for consumers

Share your purpose and story transparently with your consumers

Blockchain certification

We use disruptive technologies such as blockchain to guarantee the transparency and veracity of information.

Why work with Trazable?

With Origin, not only will you provide your consumers with the necessary information to comply with EU regulations on your products through digital labeling, you can also tell the story of your product from start to finish in a customizable, graphical and blockchain-certified manner.

Blockchain technology

The blockchain certificate secures and certifies your information avoiding the risk of fraud due to possible falsification of the document and facilitating the accessibility of your consumer.

Created for your wine business

Whether you are a large company or an SME, Origin is totally affordable to manage your digital strategy towards your consumers and expressly comply with EU regulations thanks to the possibility of including the required information in the languages you need.
In addition, we make your day-to-day life easier with the option to duplicate QRs for sales to different customers, vintage changes, etc.

How to create a digital label

Why do we stand out from our competitors?

Not only do we offer you the nutritional information the consumer needs, you will also show your consumer the whole story of your product from beginning to end in a graphical and simple way with blockchain certification.

Origin Digital Wine: Digital wine labeling

Digital labeling platform simplifies compliance with European regulations


✅ Translations in all EU languages.
✅ Complies with the requirements of the new regulations.
✅ Blockchain certification
✅ Careful and customizable design to suit your brand.

Frequent questions

There is no cost for the creation of a QR.


If you want to have as many QR as you want, you must be a TRZ Token Holder, you will not need to spend them, being a holder will be enough. To do this, you will need to have a wallet with 10,000 TRZ and press the “Login with metamask” button within the Origin APP.


Yes, QRs generated from Origin will be certified thanks to the technology we are using in Trazable.

No, no payment method is required to use Origin.

No, you can do everything directly by registering with your corporate email. If it is a private account, you must be a holder to access it.


¿Do you need help?

We’re here to assist you, and our team of experts is ready to help you resolve any questions or concerns you may have. Feel free to reach out!

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