One-click supplier compliance

  • Centralise the approval process in one tool so that the whole team is up to date.
  • Track the status of the compliance of each supplier

It is time.
Take control of your supply chain from today.

Forget about outdated documentation

  • Trazable notifies you when a document is about to expire
  • With one click, all pending documents to be updated will be requested from suppliers.
Automation of the process of company homologation

Automatic notifications of approval expiry to each supplier: no need to request document by document.

Fully integrated process

Centralised information and communication on the same platform. All your suppliers' documents organised in the same place.

Saving time

Let our technology do the administrative tasks of document management and focus on value-adding activities.

Supplier compliance

Automate the homologation of companies with Trazable and don’t worry about keeping track of documentation manually.

homologación de proveedores

Case study

Verdeo is a company that manufactures vegetable fats. With the aim of gaining market share it decided to use our traceability platform to be able to give greater assurances to its customers.

Before using our tool, Verdeo used to spend more than 4 hours responding to its customers when there was an incident or if customers simply required information about the batches of product that it supplied.

By using Trazable, they have managed to reduce this time from hours to seconds, thus not only boosting efficiency but also the confidence they transmit to their customers. This has allowed them to strengthen their business relationships and thus differentiate themselves from other competitors.

Time spent on traceability exercise
< 1 minute
Implementation time
< 1 week

Why use Trazable?

Trazable is the first quality management software that also offers a complete view of the supply chain.

Increase trust in your brand

Thanks to the field-to-table traceability of your products and the transparency you can offer.

Guarantee food security

View your entire supply chain and manage any issues within seconds.

Improve the efficiency of your supply chain

Analyse in real time what is happening, all while digitising and optimising processes.

Minimise production costs

Due to more efficient control methods, you can avoid failure and food waste.

Strengthen your brand’s reputation

All traceability data is verified with blockchain, giving irrefutable proof of the quality of your products.

A service backed by certifications

Comply with the requirements administrations are demanding.

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