Forget about paper

  • Thanks to digitisation, you no longer have to spend time reviewing and filling in paper records to standardise them.
  • Operators will be able to fill them in easily from a tablet or mobile phone.
  • You will have real-time information to make the right decision.

It is time.
Take control of your supply chain from today.

Multiply productivity

  • Forget about the daily management of repetitive tasks. Automation allows you to create multiple tasks in one click associated with batches or receipt of raw materials.
  • Form customisation allows you to create forms to parameterise each departmental action. Moreover, you can easily duplicate them.
  • The flow of validation or revision of tasks will facilitate the day-to-day running of the company.

Have everything ready for the audit

  • Save time by having all documentation digitised.
  • Easily find everything the auditor asks for: traceability reports, supplier approval and all kinds of records.
  • Keep your documentation tidy, up-to-date and accessible at all times.
Multiply your company's productivity
Automatic reports

Generate the reports you need automatically.

Integrated process

In Trazable you can visualise tasks, fill in forms, validate them or ask for a review.

Order your recurring processes

Visualise on a single screen the execution of tasks on your floor and customise forms and tasks to suit the way your department works.

KPI dashboard

Keep track of your production sites in real time in one single tool

Digitisation and control of records

Digitising your control records allows your company to be more productive. You can save a lot of time thanks to our automatic record creation and incident or non-conformity management tool.

digitalización de registros

Case Study

Camar Agroalimentaria has increased its sales by accessing new distributors whose requirements include blockchain traceability and transparency.

Their customers demanded agility in the event of a possible incident or request for information on batches.

With Trazable they have reduced this time from hours to seconds, the confidence they transmit to their customers has allowed them to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Time spent on traceability exercise
< 1 minute
Implementation time
< 1 week

Why use Trazable?

Trazable is the first quality management software that also offers a complete view of the supply chain.

Increase trust in your brand

Thanks to the field-to-table traceability of your products and the transparency you can offer.

Guarantee food security

View your entire supply chain and manage any issues within seconds.

Improve the efficiency of your supply chain

Analyse in real time what is happening, all while digitising and optimising processes.

Minimise production costs

Due to more efficient control methods, you can avoid failure and food waste.

Strengthen your brand’s reputation

All traceability data is verified with blockchain, giving irrefutable proof of the quality of your products.

A service backed by certifications

Comply with the requirements administrations are demanding.

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